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Deerfield Beach Works to Maintain High-Quality Water, those are the city’s words.

Pepperidge Farm remembers differently, just a couple of years ago there were pictures we received from Florida’s Department of Health in error and they asked us not to publish. Those pictures are posted here. Clearly, any laymen can see our system was in horrible shape with rust and other defects that did not promote a safe water treatment system.

Deerfield News uncovered a few years ago as demonstrated in the pictures in this post the real condition of our water treatment plant at that time. The clarifier was flat-out disgusting. The city has since made millions of dollars in improvements.

We have just requested the most recent reports from the state of Florida Department of Health and the city.We will post those results as soon as the documents are received. We have asked the city multiple times for a tour of the water treatment plant and they have refused saying it is a security concern. We believe that is  “Bullshit” and the water treatment plant should be open to us and a panel of citizens to see what is going on behind the scenes. I am not sure how they figure allowing a local news blogger who has ties to this city since 1974 access to the water treatment plant with a few concerned citizens presents any security issue.


Our water treatment plant thankfully made repairs to parts of the system. The city says they spent $17 million dollars for repairs needed according to the sign.

We are requesting the public records that pertain to this much-needed upgrade. More to follow about our water, stay tuned.

The most recent post from the city of Deerfield Beach about the water.

From the city of Deerfield Beach website-

As part of our efforts to ensure that the drinking water we supply is of the highest quality possible, the City of Deerfield Beach Environmental Services Department will begin its annual free chlorination treatment of the water distribution system on September 9, 2021. This is a three-week process that will end on September 30, 2021.

This switch to free chlorination treatment is a common practice for water systems using chloramines as a disinfectant. During the free chlorination, residents may notice a slight change in taste, odor, and color of the tap water. The water will remain safe for drinking, cooking, bathing, and any other household use. During this period, our utility crews will also be flushing fire hydrants throughout the City. This may cause temporary water discoloration in the respective area. If this happens, please run the water from your faucets until the water clears.
Residents undergoing dialysis or who have a compromised immune system and are currently undergoing treatment should seek advice from their primary physician to determine if their treatment needs to be adjusted during this free chlorination period. Also, grocery stores, pet stores, bait stores, restaurants, and residents who have aquariums and fish or lobster tanks that use city water must adjust the chlorine treatment procedure during the free chlorination period.
For additional information on this change in the water treatment process, please contact the Water Plant at 954‐480‐4370.


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