Deerfield-New. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-“There will be no restrictions and no mandates”.These words for sure will cause sickness and deaths in Florida’s schools as the children return for the new school year. Governor DeSantis is politicizing a health issue and it will cost lives. The Governor’s no restrictions and no mandates must be challenged in federal court by local school boards.


The Governor is just flat out wrong and his desire to be a presidential candidate should not supersede what is best for Florida’s children. Wearing a mask is not political and having his policy will cause sickness and death. These “no restrictions no mandates” will lead to bullying and fights as well in Florida’s schools. The Governor said he wants to see his kids smile is saying and doing things that put your children in peril.

Florida leads the nation in new cases of COVID. Friday the state of Florida reported over 21,00 new cases an all-time record. The hospitals ICU’s are filling up and Floridians are dyeing.

Where are the attorneys on making a constitutional challenge to this horrible decision by DeSantis?


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