Beach, Fl-While Governor Ron DeSantis relished in the fact Florida had safe voting before during, and after 2020 elections he has now signed a repressive voting bill into law. DeSantis who just a few months ago was bragging about how safe and effective Florida’s vote by mail is and was had to sign a voter suppression law to keep up with the other voter suppression states like Georgia and Texas. Seems the Governor who never seems to wear a mask believes Covid deaths are not a serious thing.

Meantime the governor who has done little in the way of protecting Floridians from the pandemic has lead Florida into the top spot for positivity rate at 7.9% of Floridians testing positive yesterday. Florida also reported a staggering 4504 new cases yesterday and 73 additional deaths. Maybe if the Governor was not so busy promoting himself and patting himself on the back,he would start to work on Florida reducing its Covid numnbers.


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