PIO Number: 21-4-22

Date: April 20, 2021

​“Today, jurors confirmed that Derek Chauvin’s actions caused the death of Mr. George Perry Floyd Jr. For the majority of law enforcement officials in this country, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Chauvin’s conviction is a reminder to all who wear a badge that we are not above the laws which we swore to protect. Chauvin’s lack of empathy and compassion and his brutality set off a firestorm across the world but moved the consciousness of America like never before. I am hopeful that Floyd’s death and the criminal trial will bring about continued positive change, social justice and equitable judicial outcomes for all people. At the Broward Sheriff’s Office, we shall remain a national leader in police reform. We are committed to continuing to strengthen relationships and increase trust between law enforcement and the many diverse communities we serve.”

Veda Coleman-Wright/Dir. of PIO


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