Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-This is a complaint people write to us about more than we could publish. Today as the beach seems to be very busy we had several messages about the bathrooms at the fire station. By the time we got there, they were closed. It appeared to us to be a city worker along with a plumber at the bathrooms stopping anyone from entering.

As many of you know the city has had problems with the fire station itself and some construction issues.

The complaints today were pretty much that the bathrooms are disgusting, dirty, and without toilet paper. For those that wanted to put the city on notice, here it is. The city is funny they spend like drunken sailors on some very unimportant things, but when it comes to the prized possession of the city the beach, they flounder.

One would think during the pandemic when hygiene is extra important during a pandemic the city could go the extra mile and have some soap toilet paper and paper towels. As well as having the staff keep the bathrooms in tip-top shape especially on the weekend during spring break.


Below is just one of the emails we received today.

I was at the beach this morning,  Saturday, Mar 27th. The bathroom by the fire station is disgusting. We are long-time residents here in Deerfield.  No toilet paper, many stalls unusable. How can we put up with this? What’s the alternative if no toilets are available? Not a pretty picture. Hope someone is listening.


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