Beach, Fl-Remember when received photos of our dilapidated water treatment plant from the State of Florida Department of Health, by accident. Yes, the State of Florida who tests Deerfield’s water treatment plants was trying to hide behind the Florida statute that exempts things from public record requests. In fact, after we received the photos they sent us showing how bad our water and water treatment plant were, they tried to have us not publish them.

They, the government even implied it violated “The Patriot Act”. Well, folks, it looks like all that bullshit mayor and his cohort (city spokesperson Rebecca Medina Stewart ) were just flat out lying. Our water has problems,we failed our state test 36 consecutive times. That is correct folks 36 times we failed our state tests and your mayor and city spokeswoman wanted to allude to the fact was creating panic.

Our water treatment plant thankfully is finally getting some of the $17 million dollars of work it needs according to the sign. Funny how Mayor Ganz and Rebecca Medina Stewart who lied and in fact went to The Pelican and had them print their lies about Deerfield Beaches troubled water treatment plant, now have a sign-up.

We are requesting the public records that pertain to this much needed, but denied upgrade. More to follow about our water, stay tuned.


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