Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl- In our ongoing series of Deerfield Beach and code enforcement being placed into the private sector, this is part two. in recent public records requests has received a 131 plus page list of outstanding fines due to the city. The list goes back to 2015 and includes a whopping Balance Due of $62,074,228.45

The list shows the following totals of fines issued and the amount of money collected.

Total Fines $63,370,382.94
Total Payments $1,296,154.49
Balance Due $62,074,228.45 has received the payments the city claims they have made to Calvin and Giordano and it is as follows.

In our continuing investigation of what does it cost Deerfield Beach to run code enforcement, we have received numbers that show 19.3 million paid since 2017. We had received some information via our public records request that was somewhat confusing. has cleared that up with the help of Director of Communications Rebecca Medina Stewart and the cities Chief Financial Officer Stephanie Tinsley.

Deerfield Beach has paid Calvin and Giordano

2017-$3.5 million

2018-$4.7 million

2019-$6.9 million

2020 thru August-$4.2 million

So just that we are all on the same page the city of Deerfield Beach has spent almost twenty million dollars to not collect $62 million dollars in fines.

Let me repeat that we have $62 million dollars in uncollected fines we have paid a subcontractor $20 million to administer this program and not collect 62 million dollars.

Deerfield  is also checking what did Deerfield Beach pay BSO when they administered the program.Stay Tuned!


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