Deerfield Beach, Fl– Due to technical difficulty our video review did not post. You will have to take my word I ate this sub on the trunk of my car and had some nice video. Today we stopped up at” Angelo’s To Go” located in Boca to try their Meatball Parm. First, let me say the for this Meatball Parm they give you the whole meatball none of that cut the meatball in half stuff here. On the” Portnoy Pizza Scale” Angelo’s Meatball Parm is a solid 9.0! Now I have to add an additional 9.2 for his zucchini chips they were excellent !!! Angelo’s online ordering went without any hitches and my order was ready when I arrived. We will be back shortly to try Angelo’s’ cheesesteak as we continue in our journey for South Florida’s best cheesesteak.

126 Northeast 2nd Street

Boca Raton Fl 33432




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