Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-The numbers are staggering over 1,000,000 new cases of COVID  reported in hte last seven days!. There are over 80,000 Americans currently hospitalized the highest number since the epidemic began. Hospital ICU rooms are scarce in many states. Cases in the U.S are growing to numbers of over 100,000 new cases daily!!!

This disease is not Republican or Democratic. Contrary to what some leader’s actions are and their lack of leading by example. The CDC still encourages and advises all Americans to wear face masks when in public. The 6-foot social distancing rule is also highly recommended. Why are folks still refusing to wear a mask when in public? Your civil rights are not being violated when you are standing next to me talking and spewing your particles of spit on me. I did not ask to stand near you or next to you, but now you put me at risk for your stupid political statement. The lack of leading by example and having a plan to combat COVID has made America number one in deaths and cases. Yes some of us are tired of winning, some of us are more than disappointed with our Governor and President who only have been worried about the economy and not the health and welfare of the citizens. Whether it is COVID fatigue or your stupid political beliefs stay home or stay away from others your rights are not being violated the health of the public is when you are out and refuse to wear a mask. Time to listen to the experts’ Doctors and scientists who are specialists in communicable diseases not some asswipe on the radio or a late-night talk show on TV. Sorry Rush, Sean, Mark, and Lou your nonsense is getting people killed.


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