Beach, Fl-As we near the certainty that Joe Biden will be the next President, Trump has launched a conspiracy theory that is dangerous. The mail-in votes that Trump says were dumped are his own fault. President Trump bad-mouthed absentee/mail-in voting. With the exception of Florida the state where he now votes, had his mail-in blessing. Democrats overwhelmingly voted by mail, there is no surprise that as mail-in ballots are counted the numbers would be going to the Democratic candidate. Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania state legislatures are Republican-controlled. The legislatures in these states insisted that the mail-in votes be counted on election day, thus causing a three-day delay in the results. The results are real there is no evidence of massive voter fraud. That is just a lie, absolute bullshit.

The time has come for Republican leaders to stand up and acknowledge that Joe Biden will be the next President .


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