Beach, Fl-The following are the most recent settlements the City of Deerfield Beach has made in the last five years. As a result of the public records laws, we can only receive the information once the cases are settled and not while litigation is pending. Some of the cases are for discrimination brought by former city employees other are car accidents involving city employees or slip and fall cases that occurred on city property. The largest settlement went to Deerfield Beach Club for the tract of land on the beach.


1-Elie Robillard V Deerfield Beach settled for   $30,000 it was an EEOC case.

2-Terry Pitts V Deerfield Beach settled for $82,500 it was a discrimination case.

3-Marie Monplaisr V Deerfield Beach car accident settlement was $53,000-

4-Phillip Gordon accident involving a city garbage truck. The plaintiff was represented by my favorite Broward Attorney Wayne Koppel and settled for $37,500.

5-Eddie Lucas  a city employee v Deerfield beach settled for $470,323.

6-Sheldon Davis v Deerfield Beach a slip and fall settled for $70,000

7 Gladys Quinones an uneven sidewalk slip and fall case  at Deerfield Middle School settled for $100,000

8-We saved the best for last Deerfield Beach Club V Deerfield Beach this involves the tract of beachfront property the city paid $1,700,000.

Maybe number 8 will give the city pause and do the right thing and settle the ongoing litigation with Ms.Clothier.





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