Beach, Fl-Trump loses in the ratings more people watched Joe Biden last night!! Let’s send this has been tv star to the “Biggest Loser” in 18 days! Let’s make sure his loss is watched by more people than ever before. Let his loss by a landslide be the biggest in American history!

Again last night Trump continues to bullshit and say he does not know what Q-anon is. He could have just denounced them and their conspiracy theories which are absurd, instead he chose to deny knowing what they are. His days are numbered in the white House the damage he has done hopefully is not irreparable.

Does not care about himself and certainly does not care about the public. Trump who has not fully recovered wants to spread Coronavirus to others now. Tomorrow he has scheduled rallies a selfish move. No regard for public safety and a horrible display of leadership, this guy just does not care about anything except being re-elected

The end of the Presidential chaos and crisis every day is coming to an end. The chicanery, chaos, and daily crisis days are numbered. To those old white guys full of hate you must relocate your rock as the time is coming. The administration can cry foul and try to persuade the masses it is rigged but that is nonsense. Go out and vote time to flush the turd on the third!


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