Beach, Fl-Recent events including the arrest of a CNN reporter on live TV with Id and camera and crew clearly marked CNN, raise this issue. Exactly what is a press pass, are they required are they authentic who issues them?

A quick Google search will reveal several companies who in most cases claim to be “associations” are generating press credentials for anyone with a debit card. Below are some of the companies selling press passes on the internet.


Image of Official Press PVC ID Card
NIC Law Enforc…



Image of Name Photo Journalist Reporter Press Pass ID Card Badge
In the US, news gathering organizations (and those who do the gathering) don’t need anyone’s permission to do so. Journalism isn’t licensed, regulated or subject to some “official” stamp of approval in this country. … This type of credential doesn’t grant you “permission” to cover the news. Permission isn’t needed.

Our research has indicated locally there really is no such thing available issued by a governmental agency. In Broward County BSO issues a license plate that says PRESS, that is it. This license plate has no numbers or id that I can see on it. This plate certainly can not be carried comfortably by anyone on their person.

In some locations, cities and counties do issue through police agencies and sheriffs departments press credentials. Most of this is for safety reasons allowing the media access to crime scenes and fires where officials want to limit traffic. In Broward County there is nothing available to any member of the media print, tv radio, or digital stating you are a member of the press. To all those posters on social media questioning why a different reporter did not show his credentials to authorities while being arrested which also was caught on camera it is because in reality there is no such thing nor is it required in Florida. is aware the US Secret Service has requirements for reporters who wish to cover President Trump when he visits South Florida, we will update on these requirements and exactly what they issue.


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