Beach, Fl-The saga of not releasing the number of deaths in nursing homes continues. Florida must release whether they were patients or caregivers and if they are sick or have died. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has used his influence to persuade the law firm of Holland and Knight to stand down and not represent the Miami Herald. The Miami Herald was contemplating a lawsuit to compel the state of Florida to produce the public records they have requested. The statutes are clear The Miami herald will prevail on the merits. Why is Florida not releasing the information of how many patients and how many caretakers are sick or have died?

Florida seems to be thumbing their nose at the public records requests and instead released a list of all the nursing homes in the state where there have been cases. No clarification, no specifics on the number of sick and the number who have died. Why? What are they hiding?, like the, Miami Herald has a pending public record request seeking this information which by statute the public has a right to see.


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