Beach,Fl-From Boca Raton Mayor Scott Singer-

It deeply concerns me to see photos like this, and I received quite a few of Lake Boca today. Let me put it bluntly. This is not the right time to invite a bunch of friends on your boat for a big party. You wouldn’t go out boating if there were a bad rainstorm. Right now, there’s a deadly virus that’s circling the globe and can seriously affect (or even kill) you, your family, and anyone you might contact for weeks. Don’t have a big boat party with people from other homes now. Just wait until this all calms down. There will be be plenty of nice days to boat with a group of friends after this. In the meantime, be responsible. Our healthcare system and lives, including yours, may depend on it!

Please note that Lake Boca is not under city jurisdiction. The waterway is governed by state law and under the jurisdiction of the state. We cannot control who goes out there. For years, we have pushed for more ability to police this area, but the state retains jurisdiction. In the meantime, our police and fire departments are doing what they can. This evening, I reached out to the Governor’s office to address this situation. Immediately, the Governor’s senior staff responded that they’ve escalated it and also shared it with Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, who patrols the area. Thank you, Governor Ron DeSantis for your swift action. #StayHome City of Boca Raton, FL Government


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