Beach, Fl-The past year demonstrates to all of Broward our water and sewer systems probably need attention. In Fort Lauderdale, they had 4 water main breaks in the span of just a couple of weeks. These water main breaks cause traffic havoc and public concern about our infrastructure and the safety of our drinking water. Deerfield Beach had a water main break just before the end of the year on West Hillsboro that had the road closed and impeded traffic flow for days. The water main break on Hillsboro Boulevard also affected water pressure for nearby communities wants to know what is the condition of Deerfield Beach’s water and sewer pipes. we have emailed Director of Communications, Rebecca Medina Stewart, to find out what the city has to say.

Looking back at stories we posted in 2019 we can find only one other incident of water main breaking (aside from on Hillsboro three weeks ago)and that was as a result of an automobile accident on Tenth Street near Brandsmart. That said here is our email to the city. Stay tuned as we gather the information.

  Water and sewer pipes
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Date: Mon, Jan 13, 2020 4:39 am
To: “Rebecca Medina” <>
Hi Rebecca,
Happy New Year!
Any information about Deerfield Beach’s sewer and water pipes. What is the life expectancy of our pipes? The age of the pipes in the city? The plans if any to repair or replace current pipes? How many water main breaks has the city had in the past five years? Any other information you wish to include.

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