Beach, Fl-By BSO’s official count Broward has had 12 train deaths this year in Broward. We at have a count of 22 deaths in the tri-county area in as many months. We have posted all of the Deerfield Beach incidents as they have occurred. Public sentiment seems to be it is only the fault of those who try and beat the gates or have committed suicide. While it appears most of the incidents are the fault of the pedestrian or motorist who have tried to beat the train. We have questioned why the NTSB is not looking into the quantity and frequency of these deaths, particularly of Brightline/Virgin, while the incidents have been on both Amtrak and FEC rail lines.

The most recent incident in rural Palm Beach County near the Beeline Highway shows it can not only be a beat the gate scenario as this occurred where there is no gate. Three people a mother and her two children were killed in this most recent incident. Other publications have printed that in fact this gate may be obstructed by shrubbery. Earlier this week an Aventura motorist was killed in an incident involving a Brightline/Virgin train in Dade county.

While we do not have that issue here in Deerfield Beach, there is a chance something is amiss with the timing and sequencing of the gates, particularly on the FEC rail line which Brightline uses.

I do not understand the public not wanting the NTSB to be investigating and local government insisting on it, to make sure there is not a problem.


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