Beach, Fl-This Deerfield Beach transplant from Jersey also lived in Pennsylvania from 2009-2013 after living in Deerfield since 1980. I have eaten some of the best cheesesteaks in Philly, Pat’s, Tony Lukes, D’Alesandro’s, John’s Roast Pork, Jim’s and on ……..on and some darn good ones in Jersey as well.

That said “Direct From Philly “has it nailed! As good as the first time I tried them a few years ago!
A great Steak hoagie with all of the choices from Wiz to Wit and hot sauces a selection of three other kinds of cheese if you are not a wiz fan. Perhaps the most important ingredient aside from the Rib-eye steak, authentic “Amoroso” rolls from  Direct From Philly.

The cheesesteak chefs are chopping that rib eye, sizzling the onions adding in the other goodies available and a large flat-screen sits over the counter allowing both live and tv views of your hoagie being prepared. That beautiful smell of Cheesesteaks onions sizzling on that grill……Direct From Philly also serves chicken cheesesteaks. great homemade fries, Goldenberg’s candies, and birch beer. A real Deerfield beech foodie find.
Tucked in the corner of the C-store at the Chevron on Military and just south of Tenth Street. Call-954-428-7035 or online


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