Beach, Fl-Broward’s most inspected restaurant the leader in Deerfield Beach restaurant closures received sanctions from the State of Florida. As a result of an October complaint, Asian Buffet and Grill at 240 South Federal Highway in Deerfield Beach received sanctions.

Asian Buffet And Grill!


The Status and Discipline Description below is only the status of a complaint. To see the status of this license select the “Back” button to return to the Licensee Details Screen.
Number Class Incident
Date Status Disposition Disposition
Date Discipline
Date – Description
2019017157 Consumer Complaint 04/02/2019 Closed Insp Performed- Allegation Not Observed 04/09/2019
2019015306 Emergency Closure/Suspension 03/25/2019 EO Vacated
2019015161 Consumer Complaint 03/25/2019 Closed Insp Performed-Allegation Confirmed 03/25/2019
2018055565 Administrative Complaint 10/11/2018 Order rendered by Clerk Stip. and Consent Order 05/17/2019 05/17/2019 – Correct Violations05/17/2019 – Suspension Order
2018051670 AC for Emergency Closure 09/25/2018 Order rendered by Clerk Stip. and Consent Order 03/21/2019 03/21/2019 – Admin Fines For Food Service03/21/2019 – Correct Violations
2018050271 Emergency Closure/Suspension 09/25/2018 EO Vacated
2018050135 Consumer Complaint 09/25/2018 Closed Insp Performed-Allegation Confirmed 09/25/2018
2018034821 Other 07/02/2018 Closed Data Entry Error 07/02/2018
2018034030 Consumer Complaint 06/22/2018 Closed Insp Performed-Allegation Confirmed 07/02/2018
2018018700 Administrative Complaint 02/26/2018 Conditions of FO Satisfied Stip. and Consent Order 08/17/2018 08/14/2018 – Admin Fines For Food Service08/14/2018 – Correct Violations
2018008179 AC for Emergency Closure 02/07/2018 Conditions of FO Satisfied 03/02/2018 – Admin Fines For Food Service03/02/2018 – Correct Violations
2018006907 Emergency Closure/Suspension 02/07/2018 EO Vacated
2018006700 Foodborne Illness 01/30/2018 Closed Unproven 02/07/2018
2018003179 Consumer Complaint 01/19/2018 Closed Insp Performed-Allegation Confirmed 01/22/2018
2017050929 Consumer Complaint 10/25/2017 Closed Insp Performed- Allegation Not Observed 10/30/2017


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