beach, Fl-Facebook was abuzz with posts stating Florida had made it illegal to talk on a cell and drive, actually holding the cell might have been enough. The fact Facebook took the post down is a good thing. The facts are it is not illegal in Florida to drive and talk on your cell. the post alluded to driving school and a $250 fine for simply holding the cell and driving.

“They passed a new law in Florida that if the cops see you with your phone in hand while driving you will get a $250 ticket and you will be sent to driving school. This law passed Monday. Let everyone know. Be careful.” -This was the actual post that Facebook has since taken down.

“Driving and talking on a cell phone is perfectly legal in Florida,” the  State of Florida DMV website says. “One of the biggest causes of accidents in Florida is distracted drivers.”  We agree with Driving While Distracted is a serious problem texting and talking certainly contribute to this.

Texting while driving, however, is illegal in Florida as a secondary offense and can result in tickets and a fine.



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