Beach, Fl- At the request, of CVE residents who sought after 42 years of maintaining their roads private and thus not subject to traffic patrols, BSO road patrols for traffic enforcement. CVE has spent probably hundreds of thousands making the legally needed upgrade to all traffic signs and road markings. CVE and BSO actually have a written agreement which we posted in our earliest post on this subject. That said BSO and CVE had made statements alluding to the fact patrols had started, we called them out BS there were no traffic stops or regular road patrols being made, until yesterday.

Yes, we have read many comments about CVE drivers and we agree some should not be driving. Florida’s lack of a mechanism for stopping elderly drivers from driving and lack of retesting older drivers needs improvement. That does not preclude the need that CVE had with both CVE drivers and UPS, FedEx, USPS, Comcast and ATT drivers who speed and fail to use stop signs in the village.


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