Beach, Fl- Tomasso’s Pizza in Boca seeking the publics help to catch hit and run driver that drove through their kitchen and took off.

Ok, neighborhood: we need help!! At 7:36 am, a car smashed into the west side of our building. It plowed through the chain link fence and created massive damage. The gas station, so far, says they have no cameras and don’t seem willing to help. We can tell from our interior cameras that the car sat there until 7:51 am. The car must have damage, and the driver might even have been hurt. You can see the darkness of the car and some blinking lights, but can’t make anything else out. If you happen to have been in our area or can share this post or know ANYTHING, your help would be greatly appreciated! Thankfully no people were injured and no major equipment was damaged, though they narrowly avoided the gas lines to the conveyor oven that we have on this side of our restaurant. The loss could have been much worse!


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