Beach, Fl-In what may be a covert removal of trees, Deerfield Beach Mayor Ganz has yet to answer a citizen on Facebook. Several groups including Deerfield Beach Politics have seen the trees marked and have questioned, why?

Well, Mayor how about a straight answer to Donna’s question?


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City of Deerfield Beach, Florida – Government

2 hrs

Dozens of trees located along Federal Highway have been marked as part of a tree survey that is being conducted by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). For more info click: #DFBtrees@MyFDOT_SEFL #LoveDFB #DFBeGreen

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Donna Lavoie I have seen them….Please say they are not going to cut them down!! I remember the trees on Hillsboro, FDOT wanted to cut them all down, we all wrote letters and emails, they said ok, no cutting. And then a couple months later, they cut them down 


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