Beach, Fl-A recent poster to Facebook Deerfield Beach Politics says the following.

First, I think the politics here is some kind of vendetta to elect someone else into office in Deerfield Beach. You are entitled to your opinion. It does not make your opinion a fact. I don’t like them. They are misleading. They constantly state the present elected officials are spending too much money on necessary expenditures for the citizens of this city.
Second, it is very disturbing someone actually put Deerfield Beach Island in Wikipedia. There is no map if Deerfield Beach Island and it is not geographically recognized as an island. It is a barrier island of Florida that includes Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, and Hillsboro Beach. I can put up a sign right in front of it that states, “Michael’s”; And I could declare it Michael’s Deerfield Beach Island. I’m tempted. I have the money. Between the misleading politics and the audacity to try and declare a territory as your own, I’ll be avoiding you later.


First, let us be clear there is a local businessman that has trademarked Deerfield Beach Island to sell stickers and other promotional novelty items. This “Buddy Sparrow” has convinced and persuaded Mayor Bill  Ganz, to put up that sign which taxpayers paid for. We reported on the cost of the sign and its installation within hours of it being installed. To the writer and poster, these are facts, not opinions. I have pictures of Buddy Sparrow with the mayor discussing this very subject they are in public from another publication. Trying to blame the DBI discussion group you have attacked the wrong “Facebook Group” you want the group run by Buddy Sparrow. DBI…….

The city of Deerfield Beach commission has become a rubber stamp for Ganz  Deerfield Beach Politics is right, and yes they as do I endorse Dan Herz for District One City Commissioner, we need him on the commission.

Certainly, you are entitled to your opinions and political beliefs. I as a reader of those pages often find I am the only liberal Democrat participating and I get some slack on my postings which are clearly marked as” Our Take” making it my perspective and opinion. That does not make it fact free. Facts are facts. I wish Mr. reader and poster you would stick around the group post your ideas engage John and Patrick I believe this group needs to hear from both sides and others to continue and grow.

Rest assured Mr. Poster this group and our little blog have worked together to expose many ugly facts of the underside of our city government. We have uncovered the water treatment plant rust issue and it was no accident shortly thereafter the city adjusted the budget to include the $14.6 million dollars in needed repairs.


The fact the city underpaid employees during Hurrican Irma relief.The facts we have overpaid employees compared to the private sector and will not be able to sustain our future pension obligations to BSO and BSFR and our own employees.

Between Deerfield Beach Politics and, we have had more sources come to us in confidence, city employees who have the information we cannot get from the outside. You do not have to avoid anyone post ………..


Deerfield Beach Island

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Deerfield Beach Island, also colloquially known as DBI, is an island off the eastern mainland of Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach, Florida, United States.

The island is approximately 5.5 miles long, consisting of three municipalities and two counties. The island runs from Lake Boca and Boca Inlet on the north end through Deerfield Beach to the Hillsboro Inlet and lighthouse on the south end of the island. The north end of the island is part of Boca Raton in Palm Beach County with approximately 3000 residences, several recreational parks and two draw bridges. The middle of the Island is part of Deerfield Beach (in Broward County) with approx. 2000 residences, public beaches, Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier,[1] numerous restaurants/shops, and one drawbridge (Hillsboro Blvd.) leading to the mainland.[2] The south end of Deerfield Beach Island is the town of Hillsboro Beach in Broward County with approx. 3000 residences, Hillsboro Mile, Hillsboro Inlet, Hillsboro Club, Hillsboro Lighthouse[3][4] and some of the most expensive beach homes in the U.S.

Monument/Sign erected by the City of Deerfield Beach and state funded Cultural Redevelopment Agency on April, 30th 2018.

On April 30, 2018 the City of Deerfield Beach and the state funded Cultural Redevelopment Agency erected a monument on the Southeast corner of the Hillsboro Bridge recognizing the section of the island that is exclusively Deerfield Beach and creating the “Deerfield Beach Island” District”.[5]


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