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Deerfield-News-Deerfield Beach, Fl- Yesterday in Boca Raton’s Town Center Mall Boca Raton Police and Mall security detained two apparent subjects for theft. At some point according to witnesses the younger alleged suspect became unruly and the handcuffs did not fit his hands, so the Boca officer cuffed his legs. Police were investigating a theft that may have involved the two youths at two stores.

Apparently thereafter several bystanders began to take notice including a teacher. That the one youth was cuffed at the feet.

Witnesses say mall security ordered the teacher not to take pictures and leave the mall. Boca Police warned her with trespass if she continued taking pictures.

Below is the official statement from Boca Raton Police-

On Saturday afternoon, officers responded to the Town Center Mall in reference to a retail theft. Mall security advised they had two male juveniles in custody near the main entrance. It was determined that the juveniles had just stolen two pairs of sunglasses from Sunglass Hut and the younger juvenile was also in possession of a stolen iPhone from the Apple store. Both businesses agreed to prosecute for Felony Retail Shoplifting. 


During the investigation, the juveniles were not well behaved and the younger juvenile refused to stay in place and had to be repeatedly reminded to stay put. When an officer attempted to speak with the younger juvenile about what occurred, the juvenile threw a tantrum and became physical with the officer. After being seated, the juvenile attempted to stand up multiple times. Another officer felt that the juvenile was about to run based on his behavior. That officer attempted to handcuff the juvenile but the handcuffs were too big for the juvenile’s wrists. As an alternative, the officer placed handcuffs around the juvenile’s ankles while the juvenile was in a seated position. A short time later, a smaller set of handcuffs were applied to the juvenile’s wrists and the ankle restraint was removed.


During this time, a woman was standing nearby, in contact with a mall security guard. The woman was holding up her phone and appeared to be taking photographs or video of the incident. The woman verbally requested the attention of one of our officers and the officer walked over to her. The officer explained to the woman that the Town Center Mall is private property and they have the right to set rules.


Any further questions please feel free to ask.





Mark Economou  |  Public Information Manager

Boca Raton Police Department
100 NW 2nd Avenue • Boca Raton, FL 33432



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