-Deerfield Beach, Fl-It’s good to be on the inner circle at Deerfield Beach city hall. Deerfield Beach Politics has just done a comparison of our cities management and employees salary increases. The numbers, they speak for themselves.

As you know we have several “Public Records Requests” pending seeking more documentation to hopefully tie together these Sexual Shenanigans. Plain and simple that if you are in favor with the bosses, as employees have come forward to tell us, you will be rewarded by the boss.

Folks do not forget we have had multiple city employees come forward “Off The Record” about the Shenanigans that would be Sexual Shenanigans going on at city hall.

Folks so on our dime some of our leaders are having sex, with other employees and some of those employees and getting pay raises for doing it. Not a bad job,  if you can get it.

Nothing to see here,  when you trade sex for promotions in a municipality and advancement and money are the reward with a pay raise it is wrong and illegal.

Don’t worry folks we have a $44 Million Dollar bond to help pay for all of this. Hey did we mention the pension obligations we will never ever be able to meet?

Follow The Money!


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