Photo- Cory Coddington Beach, Fl-South Florida’s new commuter train had another accident last night. In just a few months Brightline has had several accidents some fatal. We all have seen impatient Florida drivers try to run around the safety gates and beat the train. I know we have many stupid drivers and pedestrians who do this daily, that said I think there is more. The experts have to figure out where is the problem, it has to be more than just stupid moronic drivers/pedestrians trying to beat the gates and the train.

High-speed rail service in Europe and Japan do not have this frequency of accidents and they drive thru some very rural and urban areas, something is amiss.

Authorities report the driver in last nights incident was not hurt.

Below is one of the of the other accidents Brightline has had since it’s inception just a couple of months ago.

Photos William Broadway


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