Deerfield Beach,Fl-Again The Trump administration is barring the media from videoing and delaying them playing the audio of a briefing.Freedom of The Press I guess our President did not pay attention in civics class. his administration has to stop the “Game Playing” whether it is about tapes that do not exist or calling genuine facts “Fake News”.”The Press Is The Enemy” is the mantra from the right .What exactly about” Freedom Of The Press” do Republicans not get and or are they afraid of.Do not give me that BS answer “Fake News” it has been the President who has created more fake news than anyone.If not but for President Trump making up a BS sory about taping Comey we would not even need this press conference.
Still to this day President Trump will not acknowledge “THE FACT” Russia has and is tampering with our election process.No tapes another BS story to misdirect the press and public,why?


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