Beach,Fl-Pre-existing conditions,who cares.Medicaid and Medicaire cuts, who cares.Twenty five million Americans who will lose coverage who cares.That Obama Care has to be repealed and replaced.With what? Who knows?Who cares?
That is pretty much the attitude of Senate Republicans holding secret meetings and without a CBO score. Trumpcare it’s a secret even Senators don’t know what it contains.Trumpcare is and will be the real disaster and over a tax cut for the richest 500 families in America.At the expense of 25 million now insured under Obamacare that hateful bill that helped insure the uninsured.
Talk of creating interstate marketplaces allowing you to cross state lines to buy health insurance NONSENSE allowing trade associations to offer healthcare policies NONSENSE..
The one thing the Government does do well is Medicare ask your grandparents or parents.Time for Universal Healthcare for all.Knock off the crap calling everything the government does well Socialism,none of your Republican parents or grandparents refuse it.
Trumpcare is doomed for failure and will injure Americans.


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