Publix dfld (2) Beach, trying to find out what is Publix Meat and Poultry policy when it comes to identifying Country of Origin.That said Publix consumers are buying “MYSTERY MEAT” from an UNIDENTIFID COUNTRY OF ORIGIN.Deerfield News

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Deerfield News 1 min · Edited · Publix-Still have not received response to my original question of exactly what is your mat labeling policy? Instead your media relations dismissed us with a Non Answer-Answer and said you have no plans to change? Change what the question is why will Publix not allow your customers to know Country of origin on Meats and Poultry?
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Publix responses are below.
Thanks for reaching out to Publix, as of now Publix has no plans to change the labeling of our products.

Please let us know if you need any additional questions.


Nicole Maristany Krauss | Publix Super Markets, Inc.
Media and Community Relations Manager – Miami Division
P. 305.652.2411 ext. 71378 |F. 863-616-5803
P.O. Box 699030 Miami, FL 33269

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Sent: Thursday, October 08, 2015 1:33 PM
To: Nicole Krauss
Subject: Country of Origin on Beef Pork and Chicken

Hi Nicole,
Readers have asked us to cover this issue.
The House of Representatives voted in June, does Publix have a comment or position on the possibility of “Labeling of Country of Origin for Beef”,Pork and Chicken being eliminated? Does Publix not support its’s shoppers rights to be informed as to country of origin on food products? Does Publix mark The Beef,pork and chicken it sells ?


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