Newport D dec 23Newpor tD 12-23-2014 Beach Fl,-The downstairs corner apartment which remains boarded up 3 weeks after the incident which involved a car crashing thru the front door and building.

Today in Newport D the question is .How safe is the building structurally after the car crash of December 4th?

Like most buildings in CVE in Deerfield Beach the 40 year inspection is not all that far away.  Deerfield-News has tried to contact State of Florida officials ,as of this post we have received no replies.We also tried to obtain from local agencies and long time residents if any other buildings had a car driven through the building and front door. Were there ever any collisions into any condo inside of Century Village East?

We were unable to find any information on any previous crashes .Anyone that would have any old news clippings or photos of such a crash please email to


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