Gas 12-19 hess Us 1Gas 12-19 marathonGas 123-19 Chevron US1Gas US 1 Shell Deerfield Beach Fl-Driving to US 1 on Hillsboro we start with Hess station on US1 and 7Th street todays posted prices are 2.49 tied with the Marathon also on 7th Street and US1.This is the first time in 5 years gasoline prices in Deerfield Beach have dropped below 2.50 a gallon.Prices on the westside still remain a little higher with an average of 2.69 a gallon.Like most consumers the price from the same oil company but at a different gas station just a mile or two away and a 20 cent difference somebody is making some extra money before they drop their prices.

As you can see from the Shell station on Hillsboro and US1 and  the Chevron station on Tenth Street and US1 not everyone on US1 has dropped their prices.


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