Patio bar -Deerfield Beach Fl- Continuing our post from yesterday informing Deerfield residents of how Deerfield Beach restaurants did on their last inspection.

Continuing on the Beach and then going west across town.

Patio Bar at Wyndham on the Beach. Which had 6,Basic Violations,5,Intermediate Violations and,1High Priority Violation.

#6-Basic Violation-Clean utensils or equipment stored in dirty container.Corrected on Site.

#5- Basic Violation-Employee food container in prep area without lid.

#4-Basic Violation-Food stored in dry storage area not covered.Corrected on Site.

#3-Basic Violation-No hand washing sign at hand washing sink used  by employees

#2-Basic Violation-Wet wiping cloth ,not stored in cleaning solution between uses Corrected on Site.

#1-Basic Violation-Working containers of food not in original container and not identified by common name.Sugar,flower and panko containers.

#5-Intermediate Violation-Clam,mussel and oyster tags not marked with last date served.

#4-Intermediate Violation-Employee used hand wash sink as a dump sink,at cookline.Corrected on  Site

#3-Intermediate Violation-Establishment not maintaining clam/oyster/mussel tags for 90 days.

#2-Intermediate Violation-Hot water not provided/shut off at employees hand wash sink,At bar. corrected on Site.

#1-Intermediate Violation-Raw or under cooked oysters offered and establishment has no  consumer advisory sign on wall,placard,menu or by any other  written means.Raw animal foods must be cooked prior to service. Corrected on Site.

#1-High Priority Violation-Toxic substance/chemical stored by or with single service items.Stainless steel cleaner next to straws in bar area.Corrected on Site.


Deerfield Beach Cafe-5-Basic Violations,3-Intermediate Violations and 4 High Priority violations.

#5-Basic Violation-Coffee filters not stored in a protected prevent contamination Corrected on Site.

#4Basic Violation-Employees eating in a food prep area.Corrected on Site.

#3-Basic Violation-Unwashed fruits.vegetables stored with ready to eat food.Unwashed t not a proper minimum strength.corrected on Site.

#2-Basic Violation-Wiping cloth not in sanitizing solution at proper strength.Corrected on Site.

#1-basic Violation-Working container of food removed from original container not identified by name.Seasoning salt.Corrected on Site

#3-Intermediate Priority Violation-Cutting board  stained/soiled.

#2-Intermediate Priority Violation-Employee used hand wash sink as dump sink.Corrected on Site.

#1-Intermediate Violation-Employee hand wash sink not accessible to employees at all times in dishwashing area.Corrected on Site.

#4-High Priority Violation-Employee cracked raw shell eggs and then handled ready to eat foods,bacon withouut washing hands

#3-High Priority Violation-Employee touched soiled wiping cloth hanging from his waist and then engaged in food preparation without washing hands.

#2-High Priority Violation-fresh garlic in oil/margarine or butter held at temperature greater than 41 degrees.Found to be 75 degrees at cookline with no temperature control.

#1-High priority Violation-raw animal food stored over ready to eat food.raw beef over cooked shrimp at walkin cooler.


Charm City Burger Co.-9 Basic violations,1 Intermediate Violation and 1 High Priority Violation

#9-Basic Violation-bathroom door is not self closing in mens room.

#8-Basic violation-case of single service articles stored on floor/takeout containers stored on floor

#7 Basic Violations-Food stored on floor in dry storage area,condiments on floor.

#6-Basic Violation- No covered waste receptacle in womens room.

#5-Basic violation-Employee wit no hair restraint while preparing food.Corrected on Site.

#4-Food stored on floor.Sweet potatoes in hallway on floor.Corrected on Site.

#3-Basic Violation-reach in cooler shelves with rust has pitted surface.

#2-Basic Violation-Single service items not stored properly.Lids stored inside mop sink.Corrected on Site

#1-Basic Violation-Single serve items for customer self service not protected to prevent contamination

# 1-Intermediate Violation-Hot water not provided at employee sink.

#1-High Priority-Employee failed to wash hands before putting on new set of gloves to handle food.Corrected on Site.


Gimme A Burger-7 Basic violations 2 Intermediate Violations and 2 High Priority violations.

#7-Basic Violation-Bowl or other container with no handle used to dispense food,cheese container at cookline prep cooler.Corrected on Site.

#6-Basic Violation-Employee beverage in a food preparation area with no lid to prevent hand to lip contact with container.Corrected on Site.

#5-Employee personal items stored in food prep area.Corrected on Site.

#4-Basic Violation-Mop sink in disarray.

#3-basic Violation-No handwashing sign at at hand sink provided for employees to wash hands.Corrected on Site.

#2-Basic Violation-Soiled reach in cooler gaskets.

#1-Basic Violation-Working containers of food removed from original container and not identified by name,flour.

#2-Intermediate Violation-Cutting board stained and soiled.

#1-Intermediate Violation-No probe thermometer to measure temperature of food.

#2-High Priority Violation-Potentially hazardous food cold held at greater than forty one degreescooked mushrooms and cooked onions at %$ degrees and 87 degrees with no temperature control.Corrected on Site.

#1-High Priority Violation-Raw animal food stored over ready to eat food.Cooked wings under raw beef at Ascend cooler.Corrected on Site.









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