Bobs [izza Beach Fl-The following are Deerfield Beach restaurants most recent food inspection reports.

Starting with the beach restaurants.

Bobs Pizza-N0 violations were observed,met inspection standards.

Whales Rib- # 1 Basic violation-Soda gun holster with accumulated slime/debris. #2 Intermediate violation-refrigerator not maintaining potentially hazardous food at proper temperatures.

Umbertos Pizza-#1-Intermediate violation-Soil residue in food storage containers.Flour and sugar in rear prep area.

Burger-Fi-#4 Basic violations- #4 Bowl or other container without handle used to dispense food.#3 Employee beverage container found in work area without lid to prevent hand contact with lip contact area of drink container.#2 Food stored on floor buckets of french fries on floor at walkin cooler.#1Wiping cloth quaternary ammonium compound sanitizing solution not at proper strength.All of these basic violations were Corrected-On-Site.

Intermediate violation-Hot water at handwash sinks does not reach 100degrees fahrenheit.Found 87 degrees in ladies room and 91 degrees in mens room.

High Priority violation-Potentially hazardous food cold held at greater than 41 degrees.Cheese on container by grill 54 degrees Placed in cooler to cool down.Corrective action taken

Brus Room Sports Grill-#4 basic violations.#4Reach-in cooler shelves with rust that has pitted the surface. At cookline flip top cooler.

#3-Basic – Soda gun holster with accumulated dead insects at main bar inside. **Warning**

#2-Basic – Soil residue build-up on nonfood-contact surface.water with debris pooling inside cooler at outside bar **Warning**

#1-Basic-Walkin cooler shelves with rust-Warning

JB s On The Beach-#9 Basic violations-#9-Basic buildup of food debris,dust or dirt on non-food contact surface.

#8 Basic-Ceiling tile missing near ice machine area.

#7-Basic-exterior door has gap at threshold that opens to the outside.

#6-Basic-Gaskets with slimy/mold buildup at side bat cooler.

#5- Basic-Leaking pipe at sprayer in dish washing area.

#4 Basic–Reach in cooler shelves with rust that has pitted the surface.

#3- Basic-Unwashed fruits/vegetables stored with ready to eat foods.Unwashed produce over cooked rice at walkin cooler.

#2-Basic-Waist line missing at at soda gun holster at side bar.

#1-Basic-Water leaking from faucet/handle at side bar sink

#2-Intermediate-Handwash sink used for other purpose instead of handwashing.

#1-Intermediate-No paper towels or mechanical hand dring device at handwash sink.Corrected on Site.

#3-High Priority-Small flying insects at all 3 bars.

#2-High Priority-Stop sale issued on potentially hazardous food due to temperature abuse.Improper cooling.

#1-High Priority-Toxic substance/chemical stored by or with clean  utensils.Cleaning solution bottler by pitcher in main bar area







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