-Deerfield Beach,Fl EXCLUSIVE we can  report that  newspapers from Canada are not being shipped to South Florida retailers like they have been for decades.
Deerfield Beach merchants say they have not received any information as to WHY the sale and distribution of Canadian newspapers appears to be an endangered species Canadian news papers retailers say demand  is at an all time  high as we approach “THE SEASON”.
Both Century News on Hillsboro and Beach News located on A1A as well as local convenience stores tell that the newspapers publishers apparently assume their readers will follow them online and for that reason no distribution to Florida.
There are French Canadian newspapers printed in US that local Deerfield Beach merchants do have,but this is not what the snowbirds desire.
Local Canadian Newspaper merchants question how this is possible that t Canadian Newspapers have refused to ship or allow to be shipped to the USA under THE NAFTA agreement and why the US Trade Reps Office  is not involved?


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